Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Legal - Ease International at the University of Hawaii School of Law

The William S. Richardson School of Law and Legal-Ease International is pleased to announce a new Legal English Workshop that will be offered at the University of Hawai`i on August 22-23, 2014 for international participants. Taught by Ms. Dena Falken, Esq. of Legal Ease International, Inc., the World Leader in Legal English, this two-day seminar is specifically designed for law students and professionals to strengthen their knowledge of English as it is used in the legal field. The program will focus on both spoken and written English and cover technical terms commonly used by lawyers and legal practitioners. International graduate students of the University of Hawaii’s Master of Laws (LLM) Program and Advanced JD Program will participate in the seminar to help them prepare for their studies at the Law School.
For more information about the Legal English Workshop at the University of Hawaii, contact Spencer Kimura (Email: kimurasp@hawaii.edu; Tel: ).

Or contact info@legalenglish.com for more information. Legal-Ease International Inc.


  1. This is going to be such a beneficial and enjoyable seminar. Legal-Ease has such amazing and experienced professors. It would be a joy to attend this seminar next year!

  2. I see this program begins tomorrow. I am sorry I missed the deadline, but I may be interested to participate next year. I am a Chilean lawyer, and I need Legal-Ease Seminars!