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Legal-Ease International: Pioneering Excellence in Legal English




Legal-Ease International: Pioneering Excellence in Legal English

Introduction to Legal-Ease International

Legal-Ease International has emerged as the global frontrunner in the field of Legal English, marking a significant stride in legal education and practice. This achievement is a reflection of the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its innovative approach to teaching Legal English.

Meeting the Global Legal Challenge

In today’s globalized legal landscape, the proficiency in Legal English has transcended from being a mere advantage to a critical necessity. Legal-Ease International addresses this need by offering specialized courses, ensuring that legal professionals, from lawyers to law students, are well-equipped to handle the nuances of legal communication across borders. Their curriculum covers a wide range of legal communication skills, including contract drafting and legal terminology in English.

Innovative Teaching Methodologies

Legal-Ease International distinguishes itself through its unique teaching methods. The focus is not only on theoretical knowledge but also on practical application. Their courses are interactive, incorporating real-world case studies and exercises that reflect the actual challenges in international legal environments. This approach is beneficial for both native and non-native English speakers, providing a comprehensive understanding of Legal English.

Expert Faculty and Practical Knowledge

The success of Legal-Ease International can also be credited to its team of experienced legal and language experts. These professionals bring practical knowledge and insights, enriching the learning experience and ensuring the content’s relevance and authenticity.

Conclusion: A Leader in Legal Linguistics

Legal-Ease International’s leadership in Legal English signifies its pivotal role in bridging language barriers in the legal profession. As legal interactions continue to cross borders, the importance of such specialized linguistic skills is ever-increasing, reinforcing Legal-Ease International’s essential position in this specialized field.

Bridging the Gap: Dena Falken's Innovative Approach to Legal English




Bridging the Gap: Dena Falken's Innovative Approach to Legal English 


Pioneering Legal Education Through Language


Dena Falken a distinguished entrepreneur and educator, is at the forefront of revolutionizing legal education with her unique focus on Legal English. As the founder of Legal-Ease International, her vision transcends the traditional boundaries of law education by concentrating on the language of the law rather than its practice. This innovative approach addresses a critical need in the legal community: empowering non-native English speakers with the ability to navigate the complexities of legal jargon.


Falken's entrepreneurial journey started with the realization that the intricacies of legal language can be as challenging as legal principles themselves. Her company, Legal-Ease International, has since become a beacon for lawyers, paralegals, and law students worldwide, offering specialized training to demystify the language of legal documents, negotiations, and proceedings.


Innovation and Adaptation in Legal Language Training


Under Falken's guidance, Legal-Ease International has set new standards in legal education. Her emphasis on practical learning, as opposed to just theoretical knowledge, equips legal professionals with the necessary skills to interpret and use Legal English effectively. Falken's methodology integrates cutting-edge pedagogical techniques and technology, ensuring that her courses are not only comprehensive but also engaging and relevant.


Dena Falken's statement, "I want to stress that I teach the language of the law and don't practice law," highlights her unique role in the legal world. Her contribution goes beyond education; she fosters international understanding and cooperation in the legal community by breaking down linguistic barriers. Through her work, Falken has become an indispensable figure in legal education, bridging the gap between law and language.




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La Maestría en Derecho University of San Diego





La Maestría en Derecho es un posgrado de derecho de Estados Unidos con materias enfocadas en la práctica de las técnicas de litigación oral dirigida a abogados y abogadas de América Latina involucrados en la implementación de Juicios Orales en materias penales y civiles. Los cursos se imparten totalmente en español y en modalidad online, empezando en el verano 2023.

Información General

Programa virtual con la posibilidad de venir dos semanas a San Diego, la primera en junio de 2023 para la semana introductoria y una al finalizar, para realizar ejercicios prácticos y la ceremonia de graduación.

El tiempo de duración está programado por un año ininterrumpido de verano 2023 al verano 2024.

La maestría será impartida en el idioma español, por abogados practicantes del derecho en Estados Unidos y todo el material necesario requerido para el estudio está incluido con el costo total.

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Friday, September 16, 2022

History of Mexican Independence Day


History of Mexican Independence Day

Today is an exciting day in Mexico! Legal-Ease International wishes all our clients in this glorious country a Happy Independence Day!

We thought we would share a brief history of this beloved and important Holiday

Mexico, once known as New Spain, was a colony harshly ruled by the kingdom of Spain for over 300 years. The native population was oppressed, farmland and personal wealth were confiscated and only Spaniards were allowed to hold political posts. Finally, a Catholic priest in the town of Dolores named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla had enough.

On September 16, 1810, he rang his church’s bell and delivered a speech now known as the Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores), demanding the end of Spanish rule. This started the brutal Mexican War of Independence, which lasted over a decade. On August 24, 1821, Spain withdrew and officially recognized Mexico as an independent country. Today, Father Costilla is known as the Father of Mexican Independence. Mexican Independence Day has been celebrated every year since that momentous day on September 16, 1810.

Mexican Independence Day has developed into a huge nationwide celebration over the past 200-plus years. The country’s leaders were inspired by our own July 4 Independence Day festivities, so fireworks fill the skies at night and the day is filled with patriotic speeches, flag-waving, parades, live music, and home-cooked feasts. Red, white and green — the colors of the Mexican flag — are seen everywhere across Mexico and even cities in the USA with big Mexican populations.

One of the most popular events connected to Mexican Independence Day is when the President of Mexico rings the 200-year-old bell Father Costilla used in 1810 and recites the Grito de Dolores speech in front of 500,000 people. This event is broadcasted live to millions via Mexican TV and radio on the evening of September 15.

Many people outside of Mexico think that Mexican Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo are the same things. Cinco de Mayo celebrates another victory when the outnumbered Mexican army defeated the powerful French militia in 1862 during the Battle of Puebla.

Again, to all our Paper Clients in Mexico…..VIVA MEXICO and Happy Independence Day!


Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Worst LL.M. Programs... In The World by Elie Mystal




The Worst LL.M. Programs... In The World

LL.M. programs are generally useless, but these are useless and funny...

You could make an entire Olbermann-like career just exposing the ridiculousness of legal education… I think.

A couple of days ago, we talked about how law schools are trying to increase revenue by offering “master of laws” degrees of questionable value. These programs are just the latest attempts by law schools to charge people for something without assessing their value in the marketplace for jobs.

The more traditional way for law schools to jack revenue out of students who want “extra” credentials is to offer LL.M. programs. We’ve talked about the low value of these programs before. In fairness, there are a couple of useful LL.M. programs. If you can match the degree with a specific employer who wants it, some programs can help. Note: you’ll want to ask the employer if it’s worth it for you to get the LL.M., not the law school administrator trying to get you to sign up and cut them a check.

But one of the scam bloggers has put together a list of LL.M. programs that you should almost certainly avoid at all costs. That seems more useful than arguing whether NYU or Georgetown has a better tax LL.M. program….

Here are the top (or “bottom,” if you will) most ridiculous LL.M. programs, according to the simply named Law School Scam!” website:

1. Nebraska’s Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law LLM
2. Ohio Northern’s Democratic Governance / Loyola-Chicago’s Rule of Law/PROLAW LLM (tie)
3. Michigan State’s Global Food Law LLM
4. New Hampshire’s Masters/LLM offered in International Criminal Law and Justice
5. St. Thomas of Florida’s LLM in Intercultural Human Rights
6. Lewis & Clark’s Animal Law LLM
7. The 50+ law schools that offer comparative or international law LLMs. (tie)
8. St. John’s Sports Law LLM
9. Southwestern’s Entertainment and Media Law LLM
10. Arizona State’s Biotechnology and Genomics LLM


This is the opinion of the author and not of Legal-Ease International 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

University of San Diego Named 'Most Beautiful Campus' by The Princeton Review




 The University of San Diego has the most beautiful campus in the nation, according to the Princeton Law Review

The education services company ranked USD #1 on its list of Top 25 Most Beautiful Campuses in the country. The annual ranking is one of many featured in the publication's 2023 edition of “The Best 388 Colleges.”

Traditionally, USD ranks high in the category and was last awarded the top honor in 2017. In 2021, The Princeton Review named USD its sixth most beautiful campus, along with eighth in Best Quality of Life, 14th in Most Popular Study Abroad Program and 18th in Green Colleges. 

The rankings are based on survey results from more than 160,000 students across the nation and include categories including financial aid, career services, sustainability and quality of life. 

In February, Travel+Leisure named USD one of the most beautful college campuses and Best Choice Schools ranked Alcalá Park its most beautiful urban campus in the United States. 

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