Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Advanced JD Program for Foreign Law Graduates at University of Hawaii Law


Advanced JD Program for Foreign Law Graduates

The Advanced JD allows graduates of foreign law schools to complete their U.S. law studies and earn a JD degree in as little as 2 years. Under this program, qualified foreign law graduates may be admitted with advanced standing and awarded up to 29 credits for their previous law study. The decision on the number of credits to be granted will be made when the application is considered, and successful applicants will be notified at the time of admission how many credits they will receive for their foreign study.
Most students admitted to this program will complete the first-year required JD curriculum in their first year of study, then take their choice of elective courses in the second year of study. We work with all students to design an individual program suited to their background and interests, including participation in our programs in environmental, international, and business law.
Our 2-year JD program provides foreign law graduates with the best preparation for bar admission and for the successful practice of law. Advanced JD students are full members of our law school community. Students admitted to the accelerated JD program receive the same degree as other JD students and are eligible to take the bar examination in all U.S. jurisdictions, if they meet the other requirements for admission. For more information, email:

Online Webinar by UC Davis on LL.M programs

Please join us for an online webinar and learn more about the exceptional LL.M. programs at the University of California, Davis School of Law!
Webinars are presented by LL.M. and International Law Admissions Staff. Participate to:
Gain helpful knowledge about LL.M. programs in America
Select the most beneficial and appropriate program
Learn inside information about our LL.M. programs and life at UC Davis
Ask questions about the programs and admissions process
Get fast and friendly answers from program staff
Many Upcoming Dates, for Your Convenience
Simply visit our webinar web page to view the full schedule of webinars happening in October, November and December. These online events are hosted by EducationUSA and Fulbright offices in countries around the world. Please join us!
If these times are not convenient, please know we would love to answer questions by email, Skype or phone. Simply reply to this message to make a

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

UC Davis School of Law, one of the Worlds Leading Law Schools.

Did you know that University of California, Davis School of Law is one of the world’s leading law schools?
Our LL.M. and summer law programs welcome top students from around the globe, and we want you to be among them! At UC Davis, we are proud of our rich history of outstanding scholarship and our reputation for producing exceptional global lawyers.
Why is UC Davis School of Law a smart choice for you? We offer:
Rigorous, supportive academic programs tailored to your professional needs
Superb and accessible professors
Beautiful campus facilities in a friendly, safe California college town
Professional alumni in a network of more than 3,000 legal practitioners around the globe
Apply Now!
For more details about any of our programs or to apply, please visit our website. If you have questions or need assistance during the application process, please contact our LL.M. admissions officer at, or by phone at + 1 (530) 752-6081.

Monday, October 24, 2016

University of Iowa offers Advanced Standing JD for Foreign Lawyer

Degree Overview

The University of Iowa College of Law offers an Advanced Standing JD for Foreign-Trained Lawyers.
This program offers a number of advantages, including:
  • First-rate training in legal writing and legal research; ideally, students graduate with professional communication skills equal to those of American students.
  • Integration with American students and immersion in English-language legal education.
  • Potential to complete the program in two years of study at Iowa Law (provided students enter with 28 hours of transfer credit and complete all other JD requirements).
  • Choice to take another semester or year to complete the JD if students select to take valuable courses that are not required but are important for the career they want to pursue.
  • By earning a JD through this program, students satisfy the legal educational requirement to sit for the Bar exam in any state in the United States.
  • Affordable option for earning a JD, especially during those semesters when students qualify for in-state tuition rates by working as Research Assistants.
  • Opportunity to study at one of the best public law schools in the United States and in one of the best college towns in the United States (Iowa City is a friendly and diverse town within driving distance of major cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and St. Louis).
To learn more about this program see the website

Case Western Reserve offers four LL.M degrees

Practicing law in a global society demands a firm grasp of cross-border interests and implications of a nation's laws. Attorneys who advise international clients need to understand how to operate in various legal environments, and communicate and work effectively with lawyers and clients around the world. Our LLM degrees prepare lawyers for this challenge.

We offer four LLM degrees:
LLM in U.S. & Global Legal Studies
This program is for students interested in U.S. law who hope to improve their legal research, writing and analytical skills. This is the best degree to prepare for a US bar exam. Students may also earn a certificate of concentration in the subject area of their choice. Required Coursework: Foreign Graduate Seminar, U.S. Legal Writing and Contracts for LLMs.

LLM in Intellectual Property Law
This program is best for students interested in the doctrine and policy of U.S. intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Required Coursework: Foreign Graduate Seminar, U.S. Legal Writing and Contracts for LLMs.

LLM in International Business Law
This program is designed for students interested in the academic analysis and practical applications of U.S. business law and international business transactions. Required Coursework: Foreign Graduate Seminar, U.S. Legal Writing and Contracts for LLMs.

LLM in International Criminal Law
Taught by leading experts in the field, this program provides students who hold a degree in law with an in-depth knowledge of international criminal law and procedure, international humanitarian law and national security law. It will equip them to practice international criminal law before international tribunals or national courts. The one-year program is based at our law school, but students have the option of taking their second semester at an international tribunal. The degree is also available on a part-time basis over two years.

Summer Language and Law Institute
The Summer Language and Law Institute is an intensive four-week training experience exclusively for foreign legal professionals and students. The institute introduces students to the practice and study of law in the U.S., provides students with a practical introduction to U.S. legal research and analysis; and improves students' English language skills through an integrated English for Legal Purposes program.
This program is for students interested in U.S. law who hope to improve their legal research, writing and analytical skills. This is the best degree to prepare for a US bar exam. Students may also earn a certificate of concentration in the subject area of their choice. Required Coursework: Foreign Graduate Seminar, U.S. Legal Writing and Contracts for LLMs.

For more information contact Liz Woyczynski
Visit the Case Western Reserve Law website


Texas Tech LL.M program

The Value of an LL.M. Degree

As economic globalization continues to expand, the need for lawyers with international experience also grows. More and more U.S. law firms are looking to foreign lawyers with U.S. LL.M.'s to staff offices in far-off lands. In addition, more and more foreign lawyers are finding that an LL.M. degree from a university in the United States is a necessary requirement to future success in the practice of law in their home countries. We want to be your legal destination of choice, not just because we believe we can do a better job than most law schools, but because we appreciate that our J.D. students can benefit from your presence in the classroom and on our campus. We look forward to welcoming you as a candidate in the Master of Laws degree in United States Legal Studies at Texas Tech University School of Law.

Highly Ranked Reputation

Texas Tech's ABA-accredited (321 North Clark St., Chicago, 60654-7598; (312) 988-5000) "Best Value" law school, as ranked by pre-Law/National Jurist Magazine , is known for producing well prepared practitioners, evidenced by a consistently high Bar passage rate, and a nationally-ranked advocacy program. The law school offers an abundance of symposia, institutes, and guest presentations featuring jurists, professors, and lawyers from around the nation and the world.

For more information on the Texas Tech LL.M program click the link below

For more information on LL.M terms please click here 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Spanish language LL.M. informational webinar UC Davis

Are you applying to LL.M. programs right now? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options?
 Join us on two dates this week for a live webinar to teach you how to choose the right LL.M. for you!

 A *Spanish language* LL.M. informational webinar is tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. PST offered through EducationUSA Ecuador at We are offering an *English language* webinar on Friday at 2:00 p.m. PST through Fulbright Colombia at…/5393916351241986818. And, view our entire fall webinar schedule at html!