Saturday, June 10, 2017

Legal-Ease International at U Hawaii

Legal-Ease International will hold its World renowned Seminar in Hawaii.
August 11-12 2017
Network with lawyers around the World.
Master Legal English in Paradise
William Richardson School of Law
Aloha and Mahalo

Friday, June 9, 2017

Master of Laws degree for foreign attorneys earns high marks, more affordable U Hawaii


The University of Hawaiʻi William S. Richardson School of Law’s masters degree program for foreign attorneys—the LLM—has been named one of the best in the nation by The International Jurist magazine, which evaluated 450 programs at 153 law schools.
The program earned an A+ for its academic offerings, and an A both for being among the schools offering the “Best Law School Experience” as well as for career support.
Its high scores placed the law school among the top 10 schools in the U.S. cited for academics, top 14 for best experience and top 11 for career support.
Program director Spencer Kimura  said that LLM graduates are so pleased with the program that they often hate to leave at the end of the year.
“I am constantly amazed by the wealth of experience and diversity that the LLM students bring to the Law School,” said Kimura. “We do our best to integrate them with our students, faculty and staff as part of our Law School ʻohana. Because they have already studied law in their home countries, they are a great resource for us to learn about how the study and practice of law in foreign countries compares to what we do in the United States.”
The program has attracted 143 students from 52 countries since it was founded in 2003 under the leadership of Professor Alison Conner, a Chinese law scholar who is the director of the law school’s international programs. The law school offers more courses on Asian law than any other law school, and it is the only law school in the nation offering courses on Pacific Island and Native Hawaiian law.
“The LLM program recently was permitted to be open to United States residents with a JD,” said Conner. “And it’s possible to specialize and earn a certificate, perhaps pursue an interest that graduates didn’t have a chance to focus on when they were JD students.”
Said Dean Avi Soifer, “We are extremely proud of our LLM program. Professor Conner’s founding vision has been realized as LLM students from a multitude of different countries have taught us a great deal and enlivened life at the law school in the process. We are also very pleased to announce that the UH Board of Regents has just permitted the law school to make the LLM program more affordable by allowing us to lower the tuition for both foreign and domestic students.”

Friday, June 2, 2017

Georgia State Law Graduates Hold Steady on February Bar Exam

Georgia State University College of Law graduates passed the February bar exam with a 70.6 rate for first-time test-takers, well ahead of the overall state rate of 53.9 percent.
“Our students earned the highest pass rate among all exam takers and the second highest among first-time test takers. They also had the highest average MBE score in the state,” said Steven J. Kaminshine, dean and professor of law. “Nevertheless, as the rates reflect, all Georgia schools continue to have a pass rate below historical norms as is true for law schools across the nation.”
The February bar results can be difficult to interpret because fewer students take the exam than in July.
For first-time test-takers, Georgia State Law had 24 of 34 students passing the exam, just behind the University of Georgia School of Law with five of seven students for 71.4 percent.
For all applicants, Georgia State Law finished with 40 of 56 test-takers passing at 71.4 percent, again well ahead of the overall state rate of 48.6 percent with 134 of 276 passing and leading among ABA approved schools in Georgia. 
For all test-takers, Georgia had 18 of 28 passing at 64.3 percent. Emory had 14 of 27 passing at 51.9 percent. Mercer had 23 of 46 passing at 50 percent. John Marshall had 34 of 104 passing at 32.7 percent. Savannah had 5 of 15 passing at 33.3 percent. 
In addition, Georgia State Law had two of four LL.M. students pass the bar. No LL.M. students from any other law school passed. The average MBE score of 139 for Georgia State Law LL.M. graduates rivaled the average score of all J.D. students. 

For more information on the LL.M program at Georgia State University College of Law please click on the link