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Legal-Ease Seminar in Honolulu August 12-13, 2016

Next Legal-Ease Seminar at University of Hawaii August 12-13, 2016
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Legal English in the most beautiful setting!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

University of San Diego Law / Receives Simon Award for Campus Internationalization

Through its Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization, NAFSA: Association of International Educators recognizes institutions for overall excellence in internationalization efforts as evidenced in practices, structures, philosophies, and policies
 NAFSA's Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award is presented to institutions with specific innovative international programs or initiatives.

U San Diego receives Comprehensive Award.

For more information on the U SD Law School click here

UC Davis School of Law ranked to have the fifth most diverse faculty

Are you deciding where to go for your LL.M.? UC Davis School of Law ranks high in the Princeton Review Diversity Ratings!
UC Davis School of Law has the fifth most diverse faculty and fifth best environment for minority students, according to rankings published in Princeton Review's "The Best 173 Law Schools, 2016 Edition." A summary of the rankings may be viewed on the TaxProf Blog at

"Most Diverse Faculty" rankings were based on school-reported data regarding faculty diversity as well as students' answers to survey questions regarding whether their school's faculty comprises a broadly diverse group of individuals. "Best Environment for Minority Students" rankings were based on the percentage of minorities in the student body and student responses to a survey question as to whether all students receive equal treatment by fellow students and the faculty, regardless of ethnicity.

For more information on the UC Davis LL.M programs visit the website at

California Western School of Law LL.M program

International LL.M Law Students at California Western School of Law enjoy a Home Cooked meal
on St. Patricks Day!
Professor Lisa Black and Prof. Ken Klein hosted the dinner at their home in beautiful San Diego, CA.

Along with our traditional Irish corned beef and beer, we had a variety of foods brought by students representing many of their national cuisines.

A fabulous law school to get your LL.M degree in the United States.

For more information click here California Western School of Law

University of Houston LL.M program application deadline extension

To apply for the 2016 LL.M program at University of Houston Law Center, contact the Law Center regarding an extension of the application deadline for the fall 2016 semester

You may contact: 
Peggy Fortner, Director
Graduate Legal Studies
University of Houston Law Center

U Houston LL.M website

UH Law School Given Top 2016 Rankings and Named a “Best” Law School by ‘The Princeton Review’

 The William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawai‘i has again been ranked as one of the nation's most outstanding law schools by the 2016 edition of The Princeton Review, with top rankings in several key categories.
Included among the nation’s 173 best schools, UH Law School ranked 1st for the ‘Best Environment for Minority Students’; 3rd as the school with the ‘Most Diverse Faculty’; and 4th as the law school ‘Most Chosen by Older Students.’

The UH Law School consistently ranks among the best in the country and among the top 10 schools in each of the above categories. This year the UH Law School ranked even higher than it did a year ago in terms of its diverse faculty and the choice by older students to attend.

Rankings were based on surveys of more than 19,000 law students plus school administrators about academics, student body characteristics, and campus life as well as about themselves and their career plans. The student surveys used for this edition were all completed online at (link is external) and conducted during the 2014-15, 2013-14, and 2012-13 academic years.

Richardson Law Dean Avi Soifer said he continues to be gratified at the high ranking Richardson receives in this important national survey, but especially about remarks by students saying, for example, that they “have access to some of the best faculty in the field.” He also reiterates what students emphasized: that Richardson is known for its supportive student body “and very accessible faculty.”
“We pride ourselves on being a close-knit community that works together so that everyone succeeds in our rigorous educational program,” said Soifer. “We also have fun together,” he added, and “the Richardson community really does support one another during law school and long afterwards in many ways, such as assisting one another with varied employment and leadership opportunities.”
The Princeton Review does not rank the law schools within the top 173 nor does it name one law school as best overall. Instead, the book has 11 ranking lists of the top 10 law schools in a range of categories.
According to Robert Franek, Princeton Review Senior VP-Publisher, "We recommend Richardson Law School as one of the best institutions to earn a law school degree. We chose the 173 schools in this book based on our high regard for their academics and our assessment of institutional data we collect from the schools. We also solicited and greatly respect the opinions of 19,700 students attending these schools who reported on their experiences at their schools on our 80-question student survey for the book."

Richardson Law School is one of those featured in the new 2016 edition of the educational services company’s annual book, "The Best 173 Law Schools” (Penguin Random House / Princeton Review Books, The book's two-page school profiles have sections reporting on academics, student life, admissions information, and graduates' employment data.
Of the 11 lists of ranking categories, 10 are based entirely or partly on The Princeton Review's surveys of students attending the schools. A few lists, such as "Best Career Prospects," use both student survey and institutional data. The list, “Toughest to Get Into,” is based solely on institutional data. The Princeton Review explains its methodology for its ranking lists in the book at

Monday, April 25, 2016

University of San Diego Ranked #2 Law School with the most fun to do

Given that it’s ranked among the country’s “Best Weather Cities” by Farmers’ Almanac, it’s little wonder that people flock to San Diego, which is known for its consistently mild climate, world-class surf spots and buzzing city life. Nestled on the University of San Diego’s 182-acre Linda Vista campus, the
 The University of San Diego School of Law LLM programs offers students plenty to keep them occupied outside of class, including 70 miles of beaches, a renowned zoo, and a number of acclaimed museums covering art, natural history and more. Spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean are here, while the Gaslamp Quarter’s buzzing roof bars provide a perfect way to unwind after a hard week of studying.

 According to the law school’s official site, it is “best known for its offerings in the areas of business and corporate law, constitutional law, intellectual property, international and comparative law, public interest law and taxation.”

 For more information click here:

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University of Hawaii LLM information

The University of Hawaii invites you to apply for its Master of Laws (LLM) Program and has extended the deadline to June 15.
Our LLM Program offers you a great variety of courses and LLM Specializations in areas such as Environmental Law, Business & Commercial Law, International & Comparative Law, and more.

In addition, our LLM students can take advantage of two amazing events in the coming year:

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Visit the University of Hawaii

The next LLM class will have the great opportunity to participate in our Jurist-in-Residence in which two justices from the United States Supreme Court will visit the University of Hawaii! Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor will be visiting our Law School in February 2017 to meet with students, faculty and the legal community. U.S. Supreme Court justices normally visit our Law School every two years, but for next year, we will have the rare privilege of hosting two justices at the same time.

For 2016, the Jurist-in-Residence Program brought the  Honorable Anotonio Benjamin,a justice of the National High Court of Brazil, to our Law School. Justice Benjamin provided great insight to the challenges that Brazil faces in Environmental Law and deforestation.


IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) World Conservation Congress

The next IUCN World Conservation Congress is scheduled for September, 2016 in Honolulu. This will be the first time in the IUCN's more than 60-year history that the U.S. has hosted this international gathering. The William S. Richardson School of Law has been admitted to the prestigious International Union for the Conservation of Environmental law (IUCN Academy). The IUCN represents 180 law faculties and research centers in over 50 nations and focuses on issues including climate change, biofuels, water, and the development of policy for protected areas.


In addition to these events, our LLM students are encouarged to participate in the wide varitey of activities, both academic and social, at our Law School. They are fully integrated with the American students and receive personal service in a friendly, supportive environment. For more information about our LLM Program, Click on:


We look forward to your application to our LLM Program!


Monday, April 18, 2016

UC Davis Bar Exam Information

The United States legal process operates under a federalist system. As a result, each state bar determines who and under what conditions a person may sit for its state bar exam.
We recommend that you contact the bar associations in the states where you think you may eventually want to apply. The Web site of the California Bar is and the Web site of the New York bar is

We should note that our LL.M. students have qualified for and passed the Bar in both California and New York!

Decide as an International Lawyer Which LL.M. Program is the Best Fit

Lawyers who are trained abroad but want to practice in the U.S. typically have a direct path for continuing their career here: Enroll in a yearlong LL.M. program, a degree option for lawyers trained in the U.S. or elsewhere to advance their legal education.
These degree programs can help students interested in specializing in a specific aspect of the law – and for international students, also provide a pathway for eligibility to take state bar exams.
But a quick search on the website for the American Bar Association, which approves law schools and provides resources for lawyers and law students, reveals hundreds of these programs ​in every region of the country. Some are for lawyers who want to specialize in criminal law or another subfield, while dozens cover the U.S. legal​ system more generally. ​With so many options in the District of Columbia, California and states​ in between, it's easy for prospective LL.M.​ students​ to be overwhelmed, especially if they have little or no familiarity with the U.S.

​• Bar preparation: A little more than two dozen states allow internationally trained lawyers to sit for a state bar exam, but state rules vary about whether these lawyers must complete additional education at a school approved by the American Bar Association, according to the2014 Bar Admission Requirements from the National Conference of Bar Examiners and American Bar Association.​ A general LL.M.​ program can be the first step for an international student to be eligible for a state bar exam.
Certain schools will design the LL.M. curriculum to prepare students for certain state bar exams.
"We provide them with tracks, a track system, so that they can meet the requirements for either the New York bar, the California bar or the Washington, D.C. bar,” says Deborah Call, associate dean of graduate and international programs at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. ​
Specialized LL.M. programs, though, may not always help with bar preparation. ​
"It’s hard sometimes if somebody attends a specialized program where you're only allowed to take tax classes, for example, or only allowed to take intellectual property classes, for example, or health care classes, for example," says Riccardi, whose school offers a more general program as well as opportunities to specialize in topics like taxation or banking and financial law. "State bars and what’s called the multistate​ bar exam don’t test you on those topics.”

​• Program type and classmates:​ Students who pursue a general program may have a curriculum that's similar to a first-year J.D. student's. LL.M. students who​ choose a general option may have a broader idea of how U.S. lawyers view the law and make decisions.
"You can see how they’re trained to think," he says. In some instances, LL.M.​ students may even sit side by side​ with first-year J.D. students in class. The American Law Program at Boston University, for example, allows students to take classes with their J.D. counterparts.
In these settings, foreign lawyers may learn a whole new way of approaching legal problem-solving​. If they want to work in a setting where they interact with U.S. lawyers​, that kind of awareness is key, Riccardi says. A specialized program, he says, may be filled with foreign lawyers and may not focus on how American lawyers think.

Some schools also create settings for students to interact with J.D. students outside of class. At the University of Southern California, for example, the international relations​ student organization pairs J.D. students with LL.M.​ students based on a common interest, such as golf or swimming, says Call. The student pairs attend events together, such as a movie night, and sometimes the J.D. student may invite the international LL.M.​ student home for the holidays.

For a glossary of LL.M terms click here


Friday, April 15, 2016

University of San Diego Ranked #3 of California's 10 most Beautiful Campuses

If you’re looking for a beautiful college campus then California is definitely a great place to start. It offers an array of beautiful places to spend your time and of course some pretty great weather as well.U San Diego was ranked #3 for beauty and also an excellent law school for your education as well. So you won’t have to sacrifice a beautiful landscape to get a high class education.

Visit the website, see the LLM programs, course offerings and more!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meet with Loyola University Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Mexico

For all  those interested in the LL.M. or J.D. programs at Loyola University in New Orleans, College of Law are invited to stop by to meet with
Tori Luwisch, Coordinator of External Affairs & Graduate Studies at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law in person. 

Here are the dates and locations:
·         MONTERREY, Thursday April 14
Fair venue:  Hotel Presidente InterContinental Monterrey
Av José Vasconcelos #300 OTE, San Pedro Garza, Monterrey 66260
Open Fair: 16:30 – 19:30
·         GUADALAJARA, Monday April 18
Fair Venue:  Holiday Inn Guadalajara Select
Av. Niños Héroes 3089 Col. Jardines de Los Arcos, Guadalajara
Open Fair: 17:00 – 20:00
·         Mexico City, Tuesday April 19
Fair Venue:  Biblioteca Vasconcelos
Eje 1 Norte Mosqueta S/N Col. Buenavista, Ciudad de México 06350
Open Fair: 16:00 – 19:00

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the excellent LL.P programs at this fine University and study in New Orleans.

For additional information visit the website at 



University of San Diego International Programs Facebook page

For more great information on the U San Diego International Graduate programs
"Like" them on Facebook

Graduate and International Programs - University of San Diego School of Law

Learn about meetings, law groups, information sessions and more.......

Loyola University New Orleans LL.M Application deadline is May 1, 2016

·          The Fall 2016 LL.M. Application priority deadline is May 1, 2016.

        We will continue to accept applications after this date, but we do not guarantee student visas will be processed in time. 

·         We will waive the application fee for all students who submit this application. 

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LL.M information session April 29 University of Houston Law Center

Earned your law degree outside of the United States?
Join us on Friday, April 29, 3:00 – 5:00, for an LL.M. information session. 

 Contact to register or for more information.
Fall 2016 application deadline has been extended.  Contact for more information.

University of Houston Law Center - LL.M. Program Overview

Earning your Master of Laws from the University of Houston Law Center is a great way to earn a degree of distinction. Our Tier One law school offers LL.M. students from across the globe a number of advantages. Our faculty are leaders in their respective fields and they blend groundbreaking scholarship with an innate love of teaching.  We have renowned specialty programs with two (Health Law and Intellectual Property & Information Law) ranked in the Top Ten according to U.S. News & World Report. The program at the University of Houston Law Center was recognized by the Financial Times of London as being one of the most innovative in the world.
With more than 200 courses, UH Law Center’s curriculum is one of the most extensive of LL.M. programs in the U.S. Located in Houston, students will study in the nation’s fourth-largest city, which is also a global leader in healthcare, energy, international business and other disciplines. We offer six distinct programs that allow students to select a program that supports their professional and personal goals.
Program requirements can be met in two semesters (fall and spring).  LL.M. students have the option of attending on a part-time basis, which allows up to three years to complete the program. Students must be continuously enrolled every fall and spring semester, and foreign students are responsible for complying with all visa restrictions or requirements.
In October 2014, the Supreme Court of Texas published revisions to the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas.  Licensed  foreign-trained lawyers may now  take the Texas Bar Exam after completing a U.S. LL.M. program accredited by the American Bar Association,  such as that offered by the University of Houston Law Center.

University of Hawaii LLM Students Meet with Brazil's National High Court Justice Antonio Benjamin

Justice Antonio Herman Benjamin of the National High Court of Brazil, and a renowned leader in the global environmental law community, served as the International Jurist-in-Residence at the University of Hawai‘i William S. Richardson School of Law from March 28-April 2, 2016.
Justice Benjamin spent a busy week giving a public talk on “Emerging Comparative Environmental Law Trends”, giving lectures and informal meetings with JD and LLM students, spending time with the Hawai‘i Supreme Court and the judges of Hawaii’s new Environmental Court, meeting Governor David Ige and state legislators, and meeting with a cross-section of Hawaiʻi environmental lawyers. 
Justice Benjamin is the Chair of the World Commission on Environmental Law, which is one of the six global commissions of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  At the Law School, he conducted an IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) workshop with Environmental Law students as they prepare to participate in the IUCN World Conservation Congress (also known as the “Olympics of Conservation”) scheduled to be held in Hawai‘i from September 1-10, 2016.
The IUCN is a global consortium of nations, universities, institutes, and agencies that are working to find pragmatic solutions for pressing global environmental and development challenges.  The UH Law Schoolʻs Environmental Law Program was recently admitted as a formal voting member of the IUCN.
“It is a genuine honor and pleasure to host a person of Justice Benjamin’s stature in the field of law and within the global environmental community,” said Law Dean Avi Soifer. “Our law students and our community are most fortunate to be able to meet him one-on-one and to hear his views on vital environmental issues. He is also a global leader in the growing trend to launch environmental courts as a major step toward a healthy and sustainable future.”
Justice Benjamin has had an extraordinary career that has taken him from 20 years of service as Assistant Attorney General of the Brazilian State of Sao Paulo, as well as head of the Environmental Protection Division for several years, to international prominence as founding President of both the Brazilian Consumer Law and Policy Institute and the Law for a Green Planet Institute.
He is a former member of Brazil’s Fulbright Alumni Association and a member of the UN Secretary General Legal Expert Group on Crimes against the Environment. He is also a professor at the Catholic University of Brasilia School of Law, and, since 1994, has been a visiting professor at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin.
Associate Dean Denise Antolini commented:  “Justice Benjamin’s visit to Hawaiʻi helps us add a critical global dimension to our perspective on environmental law issues.  He is spearheading an international effort to support environmental courts and tribunals around the world, and looking to us in Hawaiʻi as the leader in the U.S.  Last May, he helped to train our Hawaiʻi environmental court judges by providing a video keynote address.  His extraordinary week-long visit to Hawaiʻi, six months in advance of the World Conservation Congress, helps our students, faculty, and entire legal community prepare for Hawaiʻiʻs role on the global stage, not just in September for the IUCN Congress but for the long-term.  We are really delighted and honored to host Justice Benjamin, one of the worldʻs great environmental jurists.”
"Justice Antonio Benjamin chats with LLM students Rico Von Allmen (Switzerland) and Aichatou Kimba (Niger)."

Justice Antonio Benjamin was this year's International Jurist-in-Residence at the University of Hawaii's law school.

For more information on the University of Hawaii Law School LLM program contact Spencer Kimura at:

Georgia State University LLM programs

Why Georgia State Law and Atlanta?

 Earning an LL.M. degree through Georgia State Law provides many benefits to foreign-trained lawyers. Our recognized strength in experiential learning and practice-focused teaching are particularly important to those seeking exposure to U.S. law practice.

Our students learn how to build upon core skills, increase their ability to think critically and creatively, analyze and break down complex problems and present sustainable solutions.
And, our competitive tuition rates make your Georgia State Law LL.M. a best-value education.

Why Atlanta?

Atlanta is an international city, the hub of the southeastern United States. Georgia has nearly 3,000 foreign-owned business operations representing 58 countries.
The city is home to consulates, trade offices and binational Chambers of Commerce for about 70 countries. Many major corporations have made their national or regional headquarters here.

For more information on Georgia State Law LLM programs for Foreign Lawyers click here



LL.M for Foreign Students in New Orleans at Loyola University

Why New Orleans?

New Orleans is a vibrant city on its own, and its legal community is just as active. A number of regional and national firms have offices in New Orleans, as do many large, medium, and boutique law firms based in Louisiana.
The College of Law offers many different areas of focus to serve a diverse population of corporations, entrepreneurs, environmental interests, entertainers, local and federal government agencies, military needs, international interests, families, and the community at large.
New Orleans is also a major center for the federal and state judicial systems. At the state level, it is the home of the Louisiana Supreme Court, the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and numerous district courts with civil and criminal jurisdiction. At the federal level, it is the home of the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, as well as various federal administrative courts.
New Orleans, with its traditions and exciting landscape, serves as the perfect backdrop for learning and working toward justice.

For more an application to the Loyola LLM program click here Loyola Application


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U San Diego School of Law - LLM Programs


The University of San Diego School of Law is a long-standing leader in graduate legal education. Each year, the School of Law is pleased to welcome attorneys, judges, law professors and recent law school graduates from the United States and throughout the world into our Master of Laws (LLM) programs.
Our diverse curriculum and flexible LLM programs allow our degree candidates to design a course of study suited to best meet their individual academic and professional development needs.
If you have questions about our available LLM programs, we encourage you to review the information available on our website.  For further information or to arrange an appointment with an admission counselor, please contact LLM and MSLS Admissions.
Please note that attorneys who received their legal education outside the United States are rarely admitted to an LLM program other than the Comparative Law program.  Please see the LLM in Comparative Law program below.

International Law School Graduates: LLM Programs

Friday, April 1, 2016

University of Hawaii LLM study/ Advantages

Flexible Curriculum in U.S. Law

Students who decide to pursue an LLM concentration in one of our areas of excellence may earn a separate certificate in addition to their diploma. We now offer LLM specialization certificates in five major areas: business and commercial law, conflict resolution, environmental law, international and comparative law, and ocean law and policy.
We provide our LLM students with solid training in U.S. legal analysis. During the fall semester, all students take Introduction to American Law, a special course that emphasizes the distinctive aspects of the American legal system and approach to legal issues. In the spring semester, we offer an optional Legal Research and Writing course designed to train international students in American legal analysis and writing. LLM students may also enroll in first-year courses such as Contracts and Civil Procedure, which serve as a useful, in-depth introduction to key areas of U.S. practice.

For more information contact Spencer Kimura