Monday, September 30, 2013

Texas Tech University School of Law LL.M.

Texas Tech University School of Law LL.M. students attended a special seminar luncheon with Professor Cassie Christopher. Professor Christopher heads up Texas Tech's team of professionals that focuses on helping law students prepare for and pass the various Bar Exams which they are planning to take. The intimate setting provided LL.M. students with a wealth of information on several States' requirements for foreign lawyers to qualify to sit for the bar examination, and provided time for them to ask detailed questions about their own situation. This is just one of the many ways Texas Tech strives to meet the needs of its LL.M. students.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

At Loyola, you can learn both Civil and Common Law in the mixed jurisdiction state of Louisiana

We are pleased to provide you a unique opportunity to study in Louisiana, the only U.S. state with a private law system based on the civil law. With the adoption of common law institutions and concepts, Louisiana is a “mixed jurisdiction”. At Loyola, you can learn both civil and common law, to give you a strategic advantage in your legal career.

You will enjoy Loyola’s global focus, drawing upon our students from many nations, our association with prestigious foreign law schools, and our location in New Orleans, a port city with a diverse cultural heritage.

We seek to provide you a high quality advanced legal education, in an enjoyable environment, as you prepare for a career in the globalized legal community. Our faculty and staff seek to assist you in achieving your academic, personal, and career goals, whether you wish to work in Louisiana, New York, or other states post-LL.M., or return to your home country or go to a 3rd country.

Loyola’s service philosophy is consistent with our Jesuit heritage, and we prioritize meeting reasonable expectations of our LL.M. students.

What Makes Loyola Unique?
• Study Civil Law in the Civil Code jurisdiction of Louisiana (like many European, Latin American & Middle Eastern jurisdictions).
• Also study Common Law (like all other U.S. states, and in the U.K., Canada, Australia & throughout the Commonwealth).
• Qualify to sit for the New York (common law), Louisiana (civil law) & other U.S. bar exams.
• Work with an individual faculty mentor assigned to you to help monitor your academic success.
• Dedicated career services will help you achieve your career goals.
• Gain hands on legal experience in law clinics, with real live clients.
• Enjoy small, personalized legal research and writing classes.
• Undertake U.S. and overseas internships, special projects and public interest activities.
• Study in Loyola’s overseas summer programs.
• Take specialized elective courses with J.D. students, and be immersed in U.S. legal education.
• Join J.D. students in strong student organizations.
• Receive a 1st class U.S. legal education in a program dedicated to its LL.M. students.
• Receive U.S. law training to help prepare you for work in a globalized economy.
• Take complimentary skills courses to enhance your legal experience and knowledge.
• Enjoy life in New Orleans!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

LL.M. in Transnational Business Practice

The LL.M. in Transnational Business Practice trains lawyers to practice in the field of international business law. Whether trained in civil or common law, an LL.M. in Transnational Business Practice from Pacific McGeorge further prepares lawyers for a career in the global economy.

One of the program highlights is that students gain access to the the Pacific McGeorge Global Center for Business & Development, which stands at the interface between the global economy and the legal profession. The Global Center facilitates scholarship and curricular innovation, and hosts a number of international events every year, such as our distinguished guests of the International Jurist Series.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Master of Laws ( LLM) at the University of Iowa

Each year the College of Law admits students to pursue studies leading to the LLM degree. We invite you to consider the ways in which our LLM might meet your needs. We provide practical training and a path to bar admission and opportunities for in-depth research in a world-class setting. Our comfortable environment and affordable cost of living mean our LLM students get high value and support. Please explore the options below and consider the Iowa LLM Advantages!

As a top public law school, The University of Iowa College of Law offers a great deal for prospective LLM students. Practical Training and Path to Bar Admission: If you are interested in qualifying for a bar examination, you can benefit from our LLM Legal Analysis, Writing and Research course, and core courses including Contracts, Property, Torts and Professional Responsibility. Our extended orientation provides an introduction to US law that will ensure your success as you launch your studies. In addition to the basics, choose from our large variety of regularly offered courses, most of which are open to LLM candidates.

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University of Texas LL.M. Program

The Law School offers a single LL.M. degree, with five different concentrations. The general program in "U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers" provides a basic understanding of the U.S. legal system to professionals who received their first law degrees at foreign law schools. Students in this general program may focus on a particular area of law or sample courses in a wide variety of subjects. The four specialized concentrations provide the opportunity for a student to complete specified courses and obtain a certificate of specialization in: (1) business, (2) global energy, international arbitration, and environmental law, (3) intellectual property, or (4) Latin American and international law. The Law School will also consider, on an individual basis, a proposal to earn an ad hoc certificate of specialization in another area (such as health or human rights).

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Highly Ranked Reputation

Texas Tech's ABA-accredited and 17th-ranked "Best Value" law school, by pre-Law/National Jurist Magazine (2010), is known for producing well prepared practitioners, evidenced by a consistently high Bar passage rate, and nationally-ranked advocacy and legal writing programs. The law school offers an abundance of symposia, institutes, and guest presentations featuring jurists, professors, and lawyers from around the nation and the world.

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