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LL.M program in U.S. Law for International Students at Loyola New Orleans

When you commit to coming to the United States for your Master’s of Law (LL.M.) degree, you deserve a school that will show the same amount commitment to you. The LL.M. program at Loyola is designed to bring a personal approach to your studies. With a maximum of 20 students each year, our dedicated faculty and staff can devote all the time and attention you need to get the most out of your time at Loyola.
Louisiana is the only mixed jurisdiction state in the country, which means Loyola is one of just a few schools that can offer certificates in Common and Civil law.. This will provide you with added flexibility in deciding where to practice—whether that’s in Louisiana, around the United States or almost anywhere in the world. But while you’re in school you will spend the year living in one of the most international and culturally diverse cities in the country New Orleans!

Explore the links below to learn more about the Loyola LL.M. program or if you have specific questions please email program coordinator Brian Bennett at 

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University of Houston LL.M programs for Foreign Lawyers


Why the University of Houston Law Center?


We are located in Houston, one of the nation’s top legal markets. The city is also home to the world’s largest health care and medical complex and recognized as the energy capital of the world with multiple Fortune 500 companies headquartered here.

Highly Ranked…

We are in the Top Tier of the nearly 200 law schools in the United States, and two of our specialty programs consistently rank in the "Top 10" nationally.

Career Services….

UHLC's outstanding Career Development Office offers support in and out of the classroom with its mission to equip students and graduates with the resources and skills to successfully generate and take advantage of professional opportunities.

Exceptional Faculty…

Our outstanding faculty are recognized leaders in their respective fields as well as classroom teachers of the first rank.  Adjunct faculty drawn from the practicing bar augment our curriculum with “real world” perspectives on the law. 

Global Reach…

The Law Center is truly a “global” school with strong connections to the international legal and education communities. The international activities of our faculty include visiting professorships, publications in foreign journals, and participation in international symposia and conferences.

 For more information on the University of Houston Law Program, click here

International Students Welcomed at UC Davis

The School of Law at UC Davis is one of the world's leading law schools. We are proud of our history of outstanding scholarship, teaching and real-world impact. Faculty, fellow students and staff are accessible, engaged and committed to your education, and our alumni form a strong, lifelong global network.
The UC Davis LL.M. program integrates American and international law students at all levels of study and provides LL.M. candidates with a broad curriculum of many different courses over ten months of study. Through the LL.M. program, international law graduates are able to gain a basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system and also have the opportunity to develop special expertise in a particular area of law

Enjoy this video and click on the link below for more information on UC Davis

LL.M in Comparative Law at California Western School of Law

The Master of Laws in Comparative Law (LLM) & Master of Comparative Law (MCL) Program is designed to prepare lawyers from other countries to work knowledgeably with lawyers in the United States on questions of common interest arising under either their own or the US legal system.
 California Western was one of the first schools to offer a LLM course in the USA for foreign lawyers.
  • Our program has over 500 graduates from 62 countries. Read our trimesterly newsletter to see the successes our graduates have had after completing the program and using their LLM degree in the USA.
  • You will be joining a diverse student body. 44 percent of our entering fall 2012 students represent ethnically diverse backgrounds. National Jurist magazine recently named California Western among the top 40 law schools in the country for diversity.
  • San Diego an ideal city to live in while you continue your legal education. Mild year-round weather and convenient access to beaches and the ocean are only part of the appeal. The California Western campus is located in the heart of San Diego's legal and political community 
For more information on an LL.M program at California Western School of Law click on the link

Thursday, May 25, 2017

LL.M Graduates at U San Diego School of Law

Excellent LL.M program for Foreign Lawyers. Get your LL.M in beautiful San Diego 

Congratulations to our LLM & MSLS Graduates!

For more information on the LL.M programs at U San Diego law click here 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Students Worldwide Learn about the LL.M program for Foreign Lawyers at U San Diego

Students Worldwide Learn about the LL.M program for Foreign Lawyers at U San Diego

Korean Attorney and future LL.M student learns about the fabulous opportunities for foreign lawyers at the University of San Diego, at the Legal-Ease International seminar in Mexico City. A beautiful place to study law and to receive an excellent LL.M education.

For more information on the LL.M programs at University of San Diego visit the website

Aloha! Graduation at U Hawaii Law School LL.M for Foreign Lawyers

University of Hawaii offers several options for the Foreign Lawyer

Get more information on the LL.M programs at University of Hawaii, William Richardson School of Law here

Students from around the World enjoy graduation ceremonies at U Hawaii Law!
Apply for your LL.M today!

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Monday, May 15, 2017

LL.M admissions information for Case Western Reserve LL.M programs

LLM applicants granted conditional admission can study English at ELS Language Center, a short walk away from
the law school. Graduation from ELS Level 109 or 110 is accepted in lieu of a TOEFL or IELTS score. Students admitted to our school with a TOEFL below 90, or IELTS scores of below 6.5 should attend our 4-week Summer Language and Law Institute, in July. This program allows LLM students to enhance their legal English and legal writing skills.
Students with excellent university grades, and high TOEFL or IELTS scores, may apply for merit scholarships of $5,000- $10,000.
LLM prospective students should apply by April 1 for fall semester or November 1 for spring semester, using the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) online application or the pdf application at LLM-SJD-Admissions. Questions may be directed to or 216-368-2083. 

University of San Diego Law School Video

Take a look at this video for USD School of Law.
Wonderful LL.M program for Foreign Lawyers. For more information visit

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