Thursday, August 15, 2019

LL.M programs around the U.S. now acception applications

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USD School of Law Welcomes Graduate Law Students

USD School of Law Welcomes Graduate Law Students

LLM in Comparative Law students and Exchange students pose for photos in
front of USD's Institute for Peace and Justice. We are also excited to
welcome students in the General LLM program, the LLM in International Law
program, the LLM in Taxation program, and the MS in Legal Studies program.

We wish everyone a wonderful Fall 2019 semester!

*Countries Represented* (by legal education or country of origin)

· Argentina

· Brazil

· China

· Denmark

· Germany

· India

· Israel

· Mexico

· Paraguay

· Peru

· Singapore

· South Korea

· Spain

· Ukraine


· UK


· Venezuela

** Our students collectively speak at least 10 languages other than English*

*Interesting Facts*

· 9 of our incoming students are USD JD alumni

· Our entering class includes two dual-degree USD students (one PhD
and one MS in Cybersecurity)

· We have some paralegals from USD and UCSD

· Active duty Navy JAG

· USMC vets

· Fulbright scholar

· A handful of accounting majors

· BBB manager

· Someone who has worked with DACA immigrants and Casa Cornelia

· Someone who finished law school at age 20

· Tax advisor for clients with vessels, aircraft, and vintage cars

· Patent attorney

· Health plan contract specialist

· Recipient of Legal-Aid pro bono award