Friday, February 21, 2014

Advanced Juris Doctor (AJD) at University of Hawaii for Foreign Students

The University of Hawaii now offers an Advanced Juris Doctor (AJD) Program for foreign law graduates, in which you can earn a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in as little as two years! No LSAT is required. Save time and money by earning your J.D. here in warm, beautiful Hawaii!

 We also offer a one-year Master of Laws (LLM) Program for foreign law graduates with a variety of optional specializations, such as Business & Commercial Law, Environmental Law, International Human Rights, and more.

Contact: Spencer Kimura, Director
(Email:; Tel: 808-956-9038)

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, announced new Masters of Legal Studies Degree

Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law announces the launch of our new Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) degree program, with applications now being accepted for enrollment in the summer of 2014. The 15-month, 26-credit program will offer students both a general understanding of the American legal system and specific knowledge of their chosen field of interest without requiring the time and expense associated with a J.D. program. The program aims to meet the demand for professionals who want to develop specialized knowledge and enhanced understanding of the critical role the law plays across various industries and disciplines. M.L.S. students will complete the program on a part-time schedule over two summers, one fall, and one spring semester. Some courses will be taken alongside J.D. students. Initially the degree program will offer an area of emphasis in Intellectual Property Law. The program is expected to expand into other areas in the future.

 The initial M.L.S. program will offer an area of emphasis in Intellectual Property Law.

 This new degree program provides a type of professional credential that is increasingly in demand by today’s employers, and distinguishes its holder as someone who brings specialized knowledge and an enhanced understanding of the role of the law across industries and in a wide variety of disciplines.

 Who Can Benefit? 
 Think of the possibilities. What do you do for a living? Perhaps you work in the area of intellectual property, even examining patents. Are you a scientist or engineer? Perhaps you are a docketing clerk, legal assistant, secretary, or administrator in a major corporation. A deeper understanding of the law and legal principles is relevant in countless occupations; very few professions are unaffected by the substance of the law. An M.L.S. degree may help you further your career.

 If you already possess a technical degree and wish to work in a business start-up, or at a law firm but do not want to practice law or desire to enroll in a three-year J.D. program, an M.L.S. degree may be the perfect vehicle to move your career to the next level.

 Are you an undergraduate, who wishes to work at a law firm, but not as a lawyer? The M.L.S. may offer you an advantage in the hiring process by giving you a working knowledge of our legal system.

For further information, contact M.L.S. program co-directors:

      Professor Elizabeth Winston

      Professor Megan La Belle