Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Legal English distinguishes Foreign Lawyers

A Legal-Ease International Inc Seminar in Legal English will distinguish Foreign Lawyers from the
The Mastery of Legal English is exactly what Foreign Lawyers need to gain more clients in todays
market. The demand for Lawyers who master Legal English is ever growing.

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Diploma in Legal English are included.
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How to get LL.M information

Fierce competition in the market for jobs  has lawyers scrambling for ways to stand out to recruiters and employers.
Experts say that some lawyers try to distinguish themselves from others with a J.D. by attending a master of law program and earning an LL.M. degree. A full-time LL.M. program typically lasts a year and allows people already licensed to practice law to develop expertise in a particular type, such as intellectual property law, securities law, tax law or entertainment law. But experts urge prospective LL.M. students to figure out whether an LL.M. program will advance their career before investing in it.
Key factors to consider, experts say, are an LL.M. program's job placement rates and whether its recent graduates advanced in their careers after receiving their LL.M. degree.

For more information on LL.M programs visit http://www.legalenglish.com/llm/

Thursday, March 22, 2018

University of Hawaii LL.M programs highly ranked

The University of Hawaii's LL.M. Program has been named one of the best in the United States by  The International Jurist magazine, which evaluated 450 programs at 153 law schools. Hawaii ranked in the Top 10 schools for Academics, Top 11 for Career Support, and Top 14 for "Best Law School Experience". Starting this year, they are pleased to announce that they are lowering the LL.M tuition by 35%, to help students afford the cost of study in the U.S.
The chart below shows a comparison of Hawaii's LL.M tuition with other LL.M Programs.
The application deadline for the University of Hawaii's LLM Program is June 9, 2018.
You may apply to directly by following this link: Hawaii LL.M admissions
For our Spanish LLM flyer, click HERE


Loyola University New Orleans College of Law LL.M Program

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law’s LL.M. Program in U.S. Law for International Students is now accepting applications for the 2018-19 academic year. Join current LL.M. students from Bosnia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, and Mexico in pursuing specialized legal studies in the only mixed jurisdiction state in the country.
 The possibility to study either common or civil law will provide you with added flexibility in deciding where to practice—whether that’s in Louisiana, around the United States or almost anywhere in the world. With a maximum of 20 LL.M. students each year, our dedicated faculty and staff can devote all the time and attention you need to get the most out of your time at Loyola. Please visit our website and discover what makes ours one of International Jurist magazine’s “Best Value LL.M. Programs.” We look forward to welcoming you to Loyola and New Orleans, one of America’s most international and culturally diverse cities!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Applying for an LL.M in Comparative Law at University of San Diego

The University of San Diego LL.M program in Comparative Law for Foreign Lawyers, now has

In this webinar, the Asst Director for Graduate and International Programs at the University of  San Diego University School of Law will speak about doing an LL.M in Comparative Law in the US, the application/admission process, scholarships and some fun facts about studying in California. 

To register for this webinar, please click on this link for the LL.M Week Webinar an Application LL.M Webinar

Learn about this fabulous LL.M program for Foreign Lawyers on this Beautiful Campus!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Legal-Ease International Inc. The World Leader in Legal English

Legal-Ease international Inc.
 Legal-Ease international Inc specializes in Legal English Training to attorneys Legal-Ease international Inc. #1 company offers the best legal English training, courses to attorneys online. Find the top rated & reviewed law school directories and seminars. Legal English Seminars Legal English Seminars NEW YORK -  -- Legal-Ease International Inc, a company devoted to teaching Legal English to attorneys throughout the world, is the first in its industry. Around the world, Legal-Ease has provided foreign lawyers with the best training with live classes taught by real lawyers. Legal-Ease International Inc. offers Legal English via internet courses that can fit anyone’s schedule. Services also include impeccable proofing and editing services provided by highly professional and experienced proofreaders. In addition to online courses, Legal-Ease International offers a number of in-class seminars in various cities. Experienced instructors administer lessons in appropriate terminology and structure to be able to create contracts in Legal English. Legal-Ease International Inc. has recently expanded onto YouTube where they have posted visual testimonials on just how rewarding of an experience it is to learn with Legal-Ease. Principal instructor Dena Falken Esq. is one of the many teachers who provide superbly fulfilling and memorable experiences for foreign lawyers on their journeys to become fluent in Legal English. With over sixteen years of being a licensed attorney, Ms. Falken was proudly given the title of Member of the Supreme Court Bar in November of 2009. She now offers her experience and professionalism to the clients of Legal-Ease. For more information on upcoming courses, visit http://www.legalenglish.com/ Contact Dena Falken  info@legalenglish.com Legal-Ease International, Inc. www.legalenglish.com ,info@legalenglish.com Facebook: Legal-Ease International Inc NY NY
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