Monday, October 24, 2016

Texas Tech LL.M program

The Value of an LL.M. Degree

As economic globalization continues to expand, the need for lawyers with international experience also grows. More and more U.S. law firms are looking to foreign lawyers with U.S. LL.M.'s to staff offices in far-off lands. In addition, more and more foreign lawyers are finding that an LL.M. degree from a university in the United States is a necessary requirement to future success in the practice of law in their home countries. We want to be your legal destination of choice, not just because we believe we can do a better job than most law schools, but because we appreciate that our J.D. students can benefit from your presence in the classroom and on our campus. We look forward to welcoming you as a candidate in the Master of Laws degree in United States Legal Studies at Texas Tech University School of Law.

Highly Ranked Reputation

Texas Tech's ABA-accredited (321 North Clark St., Chicago, 60654-7598; (312) 988-5000) "Best Value" law school, as ranked by pre-Law/National Jurist Magazine , is known for producing well prepared practitioners, evidenced by a consistently high Bar passage rate, and a nationally-ranked advocacy program. The law school offers an abundance of symposia, institutes, and guest presentations featuring jurists, professors, and lawyers from around the nation and the world.

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