Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Advanced JD Program for Foreign Law Graduates at University of Hawaii Law


Advanced JD Program for Foreign Law Graduates

The Advanced JD allows graduates of foreign law schools to complete their U.S. law studies and earn a JD degree in as little as 2 years. Under this program, qualified foreign law graduates may be admitted with advanced standing and awarded up to 29 credits for their previous law study. The decision on the number of credits to be granted will be made when the application is considered, and successful applicants will be notified at the time of admission how many credits they will receive for their foreign study.
Most students admitted to this program will complete the first-year required JD curriculum in their first year of study, then take their choice of elective courses in the second year of study. We work with all students to design an individual program suited to their background and interests, including participation in our programs in environmental, international, and business law.
Our 2-year JD program provides foreign law graduates with the best preparation for bar admission and for the successful practice of law. Advanced JD students are full members of our law school community. Students admitted to the accelerated JD program receive the same degree as other JD students and are eligible to take the bar examination in all U.S. jurisdictions, if they meet the other requirements for admission. For more information, email:

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