Saturday, January 10, 2015

UC Davis International Law Programs/ Alumni Update

International Alumni Update: Luis Pereda, LL.M. '13, Dean, Anáhuac México Sur University

The International Law Programs at UC Davis School of Law are proud to launch this new series of brief alumni profiles highlighting the experiences of recent program graduates.

Luis Pereda
Dean of Law School, Anáhuac México Sur University
What is your favorite thing about your current work?
My favorite thing is that, every day, I have had the opportunity to rethink, teach, learn, and talk about law in an environment where young people are the most valuable asset. I am convinced that Mexico's great opportunity to fight against corruption and inequity are those men and women seeking -- through courage, ambition and social responsibility -- to become successful lawyers.
How does your UC Davis School of Law education make you a more effective professional?
One of the most important reflections I can share is the perspective I gained at UC Davis about the world and other cultures' law. Diversity is something that is frequently underestimated for those Mexicans who still don't have close contact with other cultures, traditions, and legal texts. This is where my UC Davis School of Law education makes a big difference. Thanks to my professors and classmates, I expanded my horizons to understand other countries' problems and their respective legal answers to those problems.  My UC Davis School of Law education was both high-quality and practical.
What piece of advice would you give to this year's international law students?
They should take advantage of the great resources the university offers, like the fact that professors don't only give their lectures, but also take care of the students and have a lot of contact with them.
What is your favorite UC Davis memory?
The brotherhood that we students created outside the classroom, together as one family.

The recommended deadline for application to the UC Davis LL.M. Program was January 10, but it is not too late to apply! Contact and visit for more information.

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  1. UC Davis is the best for any law program if you ask me. I'm going to apply for my LLM program next year. I really like the friendly environment at university as well the resources they provide. Thanks Legal Ease for this interview.