Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Louisiana State University LLM program/ Dictionary of the Civil Code

The Dictionary of the Civil Code, an English translation of more than 1600 entries selected from the Vocabulaire Juridique of Gérard Cornu under the auspices of the Association Henri Capitant des amis de la culture juridique française, introduces to readers, jurists or not, the essential concepts of the French Civil Code. Key to an understanding of the civil law through its terminology as translated and explained in English, the definitions are enriched with references made to the Civil Code of Louisiana.
This work of reference on the French legal and civil law culture is an essential tool for comparatists, civilians, jurilinguists and translators.
The Authors:
–   Gérard Cornu
–   Alain Levasseur
–   Marie-Eugénie Laporte-Legeais
The Translators:
– ‘Louisiana’ team: Mircea Bob, Eleanor Cashin-Ritaine, Vivian Curran, David Gruning, Olivier Moreteau (with Daniel On, Anne Perocheau, and Anne-Sophie Roinsard), Randy Trahan, and Serban Vacarelu.
– ‘Juriscope-Poitiers’ team: Lucas Mallowan, John Moore, Ruth Redmond-Cooper, Estelle Roy, and Kevin Streety.

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