Tuesday, September 10, 2013

University of Texas LL.M. Program

The Law School offers a single LL.M. degree, with five different concentrations. The general program in "U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers" provides a basic understanding of the U.S. legal system to professionals who received their first law degrees at foreign law schools. Students in this general program may focus on a particular area of law or sample courses in a wide variety of subjects. The four specialized concentrations provide the opportunity for a student to complete specified courses and obtain a certificate of specialization in: (1) business, (2) global energy, international arbitration, and environmental law, (3) intellectual property, or (4) Latin American and international law. The Law School will also consider, on an individual basis, a proposal to earn an ad hoc certificate of specialization in another area (such as health or human rights).

For more information visit the Legal-Ease International Inc website at http://www.legalenglish.com/llm/glossary.php to learn more LLM terms.

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  1. Thank you for all of this information on The University of Texas. I hear their law program is one of the best in the US and I've always wanted to further my law career in the US, and it'd be great to get my LL.M here. I haven't decided just yet, but there's a lot of school to choose from.