Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Questions and Answers on Online LL.M programs


  How long does it take to get your LL.M. degree online?

Most LL.M. online degrees can be completed in one to two years of full-time study and require 24 to 26 credits.

How much does an online LL.M. degree cost?

The cost of an LL.M. degree online depends on several factors. State residency is an important consideration, since many colleges and universities charge higher tuition for out-of-state students. However, some schools charge flat tuition for online students regardless of residency. Technology fees are another key factor; these fees often apply to online students but not their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Per-credit costs for an LL.M. degree typically range from $1,000 to $2,300. Students should expect to pay between $24,000 and $60,000 in total tuition.

Online LL.M. degree admissions requirements

Admission for a Master of Laws program typically requires a degree in law – a J.D. or an equivalent degree from outside of the United States. Other admission requirements include a resume, a personal statement, transcripts and letters of recommendation. Although most online Master of Laws degrees do not require LSAT scores, international students may need to submit TOEFL scores.

Choosing an accredited online LL.M. degree program

A school's accreditation impacts course credit transferability, as well as student eligibility for federal financial aid, so students should ensure the school offering the program has earned national or regional accreditation.

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