Friday, December 13, 2013

Ohio State University LL.M. Program

You may know that The Ohio State University is one of the largest research universities in the United States—with more than 55,000 students—but you may not realize that our LL.M. program is quite small.  We purposely limit enrollment to 35 students each year.  This enables you to receive a high level of personal attention from program staff, yet still enjoy the wide variety of academic, art, culture, sport and recreation activities offered on campus.

The top-ranked Moritz College of Law offers LL.M. students a learning environment that is second to none. We proudly bring together students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds to work and learn together.  As a result, our students are uniquely ready and able to address a wide spectrum of issues facing our diverse world.  Our professors are accessible and approachable, and foster an atmosphere of respect and collegiality.   The Moritz community is truly a family of scholars.

We are thrilled to make a special announcement.  We have added four NEW scholarships this year:

·          Scholarship for the Americas
·          Scholarship for Africa
·          Scholarship for Europe
·          Scholarship for Southeast Asia

These are a great addition to our current awards—the Moritz LL.M. Scholarship and the Jones Day Scholarship.  We also continue to offer significant tuition discounts to COLFUTURO, Fulbright and Muskie awardees.  You can learn more at our scholarship page . [link to]

Please feel free to share this news with colleagues, professors and friends!

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  1. I've heard elsewhere that their LL.M. Program is a bit small, but sometimes the smaller the program, the better students come out of the mix. Yes, small may mean less, but I feel like this school has the overall potential to create great lawyers and officers of the law.