Friday, January 27, 2012

Choosing the John B. Turner LL.M. Program

By Ensieh Mohajeri, OU Law LL.M. student
As an international and Muslim student, I have felt very welcome at the University of Oklahoma College of Law since my first visit. I had no doubt I would choose OU College of Law among the other choices I had. I am very confident to say it was the best decision I could possibly have made.
Participating in John B. Turner LL.M. Program has given me the great opportunity to pursue my education in my dream field of study, Energy and Natural Resources Law. The LL.M. program provides an exceptional educational environment with the chance to communicate with outstanding professors who are all very knowledgeable in their respective areas and so willing to share their experience and assist students in any way possible.
In addition to having access to excellent educational quality, being able to attend different conferences and field trips related to my field of study has given me the opportunity to meet professionals in this field and further my understanding of the potential of my professional career in the future. I am very grateful to the law school and my professors who have supported and encouraged me to become involved in the program.
All in all, attending in John B. Turner LL.M. Program has been an invaluable part of my life and legal education. I am so pleased with my decision to come to the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

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