Monday, June 7, 2021

The Benefits of Legal English Seminars with Legal-Ease International

WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE Seminars with LEGAL-EASE INTERNATIONAL? Seeking a good education is always helpful for people who are eager to learn new things and develop their skills. Education plays a vital role in every aspect of life either your professional or personal life. It enlarges your knowledge and helps you in progressing ahead in your career. Sometimes it happens when people are thinking to go for the prior course, but due to work schedules, they cannot go for a full-time degree course and prefer to choose online courses which can help them in gaining more knowledge about the prior subject course like law and legal English online. Legal-Ease International is a world leader in the Legal English industry with students all across the globe. Legal English course provides you with the necessary additional skills you need to not only boost your career opportunities but help you best represent yourself and your skills and determination in the legal industry. HIGHER SALARIES Some of the people would argue that having a higher salary is something they would dislike. Incorporating regular online short courses into professional life is a great habit to develop, and will help to acquire the key skills that could accelerate your ascent up the salary scale. CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Legal English course will you with work-related skills that will help you in furthering your law career and will also help you in: 1. Obtaining Specialised skills related to your profession. 2. Keep you way ahead of time in legal trends in your profession. 3. Enhance your professional career and resume. NETWORKING POTENTIAL Taking short courses and diplomas provides the opportunity to touch base with fellow professionals and industry leaders who are taking part in the same course, with different diverse backgrounds. When learning together, communicating with fellow students is easy and meeting fellow professionals from around the world could have fantastic consequences for your career. COMFORTABLE LAW LITERATURE/VOCABULARY ENVIRONMENT Pursuing a Legal English course is convenient for candidates and especially for the ones who are professionals and working in the same organization. You can go through study material by sitting anywhere around the place like a house or even an office. There are no restrictions for a time limit or anything related to tit. You can log in anytime and start studying

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Why Legal-Ease International?

WHY LEGAL-EASE INTERNATIONAL IS THE BEST PLACE FOR LEGAL ENGLISH? In a world where technology is deeply integrated into our lives, we need to find ways to leverage it in our favor. Technology is changing the way people are communicating especially when it comes to legal languages. It can therefore be extremely useful where you must Legal English if you belong to the law industry. Lawyers are like Pillars and the many others we have taught are working in organizations and law firms where the main language is English. They are known to have a competitive advantage over both native and non-native speakers, they will need to improve confidence and fluency in the English Language. English is the world’s primary language as it not only plays a vital role in making communication between people easier but also plays a vital role for lawyers and students moving to English-speaking countries. Legal English is a specialized language containing vocabulary, expressions, syntax, and structure that differs from English. It can be used in writing contracts, correspondence, and other legal documents. It can also be seen and heard in spoken English. It is jargon language to speak with colleagues, counterparts, and judges. Law is one of the most competitive sectors and many would argue that having additional skills can only be your advantage. When you are analyzing a contract or preparing a brief, knowledge of the language can help significantly. Your teacher must be skilled in teaching English for foreigners as well as law. , make sure that he/ she holds a law degree, has worked in law, and has been teaching English for law for a longer period. Our competent Legal English tutor Dena Falken will introduce you to some of the finer aspects of English Law so that you possess as deep a knowledge of the language as possible. Dena Falken holds a doctorate in law from The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law with twenty years of diverse experience in teaching law not only in the United States but all over the world. Feel Free to contact us on our email:

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Mental Health Tips for Entrepreneurs

MENTAL HEALTH TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS Entrepreneurship is hard and stressful at the best of times. Coming up with an idea, launching your product, keeping your body in shape, and growing your business over time comes with many peaks and valleys but when you’re also dealing with worries about your own and loved ones’ health, financial uncertainty, and the global demands long hours, deep research analysis, and more blood, sweat, and tears than a body should ever be capable of. One moment you’re riding high on your latest successful breakthrough. Next, you’re plunged into the psychic world of failure. Part of this, of course, because regular mental health services have been harder to obtain during quarantine. There are several reasons for this loss of disposable income, concern about the safety of going into a therapist’s office, or inability to access telehealth services, among others Entrepreneurs, in particular, may be more likely to deprioritize mental health services due to the presence of keeping their businesses afloat during this pandemic. Here are the top 5 Tips to start supporting your mental health as well as further support you can follow. Take Care of Yourself. In our modern culture, being constantly busy is a badge of honor; the busier you are, the more important you must be. What the narrative proposes is that neglecting well-being in favor of productivity is virtuous. Especially as an entrepreneur, stress is going to play a role in your life, so learning how to deal with it is very vital. One of the best ways to work is self-care. You can choose behaviors that balance the effects of emotional and physical stressors such as exercising, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, meditation, and relaxing techniques. Build a Morning Routine A routine is critical for well-being. You have most likely heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's true. Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and gives you the energy to kick start your day. Get into the habit of drinking two glasses of water to remain hydrated throughout the morning, this will not only ensure that your body has sufficient fuel to power you throughout your day, and will also improve your focus. Build Hobbies Hobbies force you to take a break from your day-to-day stresses and carve out time to devote to yourself. Not all hobbies are hitting the gym or boxing but hobbies like reading, writing, designing, and learning a new language can keep you productive and instill you with a sense of purpose having fun and the more time you devote to become immersed in your hobby, the more satisfaction and sense of achievement you will get. Build a Network of Like-Minded People You’ve heard of a business network, social network but how do we find like-minded people? Alongside building a team to support you with business tasks, try building a support network of stakeholders who care about you and your business alife. These can be friends, family, suppliers, mentors, or customers. Do things for others Helping others isn't just good for the people you're helping; it's good for you too. Helping someone can help with your self-esteem and make you feel good about your place in the world. Feeling as though you're part of a community is a really important part of your mental health. You could try volunteering for a local charity, or just being neighborly

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

How to be a better Lawyer in 2021

HOW TO BE A BETTER LAWYER IN 2021 Behind every successful law firm is a successful deal closer, lawyer or lawyers, so, what makes a lawyer successful? Is it a certain amount of revenue generated or is it the number of trials he/she has won? To determine the success ratio of being a successful lawyer depends on your definition of success. For most lawyers, success is a favorable or a desired outcome, especially if you are the winner. As a young attorney, you must attend legal workshops within your area of practice. Never stop learning. That applies to learning how to be successful, too. Here are a few basic keys elements to becoming a successful attorney. DEVELOP GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Lawyers must be orally articulate, have good written communication skills, and also be good listeners. To argue convincingly in the courtroom before juries and judges. Good public speaking skills are essential. Communication and speaking skills can be developed during your studies by practicing confidence and public speaking. Lawyers must also be able to write, persuasively and concisely, as they must produce a variety of legal documents. BE INNOVATIVE Put your ego aside and remain open to creative and reasonable solutions. The legal industry is changing. Be willing to create and adopt effective and cost-efficient processes in servicing your clients. WORK ON RESEARCH ABILITY Being able to Google and research quickly and effectively is essential to understanding your clients, their needs and preparing legal strategies. Absorbing, comprehending large amounts of information and preparing legal strategies, then distilling them down into something manageable and useful. BE CREATIVE The top lawyers are not only logical and analytical, but they display a great deal of creativity in their problem-solving. The best solution is not always the most obvious and to always you must always think out of the box. LEARN MARKETING Part of running your law firm means learning how to run a business. In law school, lawyers are often only taught law, not the business of running your law firm. To manage your own successful law firm practice business, you will need to become an expert at client intake, bookkeeping, managing people, and Marketing. Learning Legal Marketing is arguably one of the most important skills you need to develop when you start your law firm. it’s important to understand as you grow your practice and distinguish yourself in the oversaturated legalHOW TO BE A BETTER LAWYER IN 2021 market. Successful legal marketing helps you stand out from the competition and helps clients find you

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

USD will return to on - campus instruction for the Fall 2021 Semester





Fall 2021 - Return to Campus! 
USD President James Harris recently announced that we will return to on-campus instruction for the Fall 2021 semester. More details regarding specific plans will be shared by our respective deans soon:
Vaccination Requirement:
All students enrolled at USD for the Fall 2021 semester will be required to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend in-person classes or to live on campus:

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

In Person Commencement at University of San Diego



The University of San Diego  School of Law plans to host an in-person commencement on May 15th, rain or shine, on the field at Torero Stadium.

All details will be posted on the commencement website