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History of Mexican Independence Day


History of Mexican Independence Day

Today is an exciting day in Mexico! Legal-Ease International wishes all our clients in this glorious country a Happy Independence Day!

We thought we would share a brief history of this beloved and important Holiday

Mexico, once known as New Spain, was a colony harshly ruled by the kingdom of Spain for over 300 years. The native population was oppressed, farmland and personal wealth were confiscated and only Spaniards were allowed to hold political posts. Finally, a Catholic priest in the town of Dolores named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla had enough.

On September 16, 1810, he rang his church’s bell and delivered a speech now known as the Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores), demanding the end of Spanish rule. This started the brutal Mexican War of Independence, which lasted over a decade. On August 24, 1821, Spain withdrew and officially recognized Mexico as an independent country. Today, Father Costilla is known as the Father of Mexican Independence. Mexican Independence Day has been celebrated every year since that momentous day on September 16, 1810.

Mexican Independence Day has developed into a huge nationwide celebration over the past 200-plus years. The country’s leaders were inspired by our own July 4 Independence Day festivities, so fireworks fill the skies at night and the day is filled with patriotic speeches, flag-waving, parades, live music, and home-cooked feasts. Red, white and green — the colors of the Mexican flag — are seen everywhere across Mexico and even cities in the USA with big Mexican populations.

One of the most popular events connected to Mexican Independence Day is when the President of Mexico rings the 200-year-old bell Father Costilla used in 1810 and recites the Grito de Dolores speech in front of 500,000 people. This event is broadcasted live to millions via Mexican TV and radio on the evening of September 15.

Many people outside of Mexico think that Mexican Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo are the same things. Cinco de Mayo celebrates another victory when the outnumbered Mexican army defeated the powerful French militia in 1862 during the Battle of Puebla.

Again, to all our Paper Clients in Mexico…..VIVA MEXICO and Happy Independence Day!


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The Worst LL.M. Programs... In The World by Elie Mystal




The Worst LL.M. Programs... In The World

LL.M. programs are generally useless, but these are useless and funny...

You could make an entire Olbermann-like career just exposing the ridiculousness of legal education… I think.

A couple of days ago, we talked about how law schools are trying to increase revenue by offering “master of laws” degrees of questionable value. These programs are just the latest attempts by law schools to charge people for something without assessing their value in the marketplace for jobs.

The more traditional way for law schools to jack revenue out of students who want “extra” credentials is to offer LL.M. programs. We’ve talked about the low value of these programs before. In fairness, there are a couple of useful LL.M. programs. If you can match the degree with a specific employer who wants it, some programs can help. Note: you’ll want to ask the employer if it’s worth it for you to get the LL.M., not the law school administrator trying to get you to sign up and cut them a check.

But one of the scam bloggers has put together a list of LL.M. programs that you should almost certainly avoid at all costs. That seems more useful than arguing whether NYU or Georgetown has a better tax LL.M. program….

Here are the top (or “bottom,” if you will) most ridiculous LL.M. programs, according to the simply named Law School Scam!” website:

1. Nebraska’s Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law LLM
2. Ohio Northern’s Democratic Governance / Loyola-Chicago’s Rule of Law/PROLAW LLM (tie)
3. Michigan State’s Global Food Law LLM
4. New Hampshire’s Masters/LLM offered in International Criminal Law and Justice
5. St. Thomas of Florida’s LLM in Intercultural Human Rights
6. Lewis & Clark’s Animal Law LLM
7. The 50+ law schools that offer comparative or international law LLMs. (tie)
8. St. John’s Sports Law LLM
9. Southwestern’s Entertainment and Media Law LLM
10. Arizona State’s Biotechnology and Genomics LLM


This is the opinion of the author and not of Legal-Ease International 

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University of San Diego Named 'Most Beautiful Campus' by The Princeton Review




 The University of San Diego has the most beautiful campus in the nation, according to the Princeton Law Review

The education services company ranked USD #1 on its list of Top 25 Most Beautiful Campuses in the country. The annual ranking is one of many featured in the publication's 2023 edition of “The Best 388 Colleges.”

Traditionally, USD ranks high in the category and was last awarded the top honor in 2017. In 2021, The Princeton Review named USD its sixth most beautiful campus, along with eighth in Best Quality of Life, 14th in Most Popular Study Abroad Program and 18th in Green Colleges. 

The rankings are based on survey results from more than 160,000 students across the nation and include categories including financial aid, career services, sustainability and quality of life. 

In February, Travel+Leisure named USD one of the most beautful college campuses and Best Choice Schools ranked Alcalá Park its most beautiful urban campus in the United States. 

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University of San Diego Classes start on Monday, August 22



University of San Diego
is welcoming its Fall 2022 students next week!

 Orientation begins on Monday, August 15th and classes start on Monday, August 22nd.

 There are 15 countries represented across all USD graduate law programs. 


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Benefits of an LL.M program,, is it for you?






Benefits of an LL.M program, is it for you?

Legal English

The legal career is going global, and law students and specialists alike can’t afford to be left behind.One must have a mastery of Legal English to start. Like it or not it is the International Language of the law. One word can change the entire meaning of a document, contract or letter.

Obtaining the capabilities needed to work around the world like Legal English can open possibilities you’ve only dreamed of.

Another tool to succeed may be an LL.M Degree

What is an LLM Degree?

LLM is a postgraduate law degree. The course curriculum of the LLM degree is based in such a way that the law course is split into 2 semesters. In Master of Law, course aspirants benefit from an in-depth understanding of a selected discipline of law by intensive studies in that specific area of Law.

What are the Benefits of an LL.M?

There are many unique motives for taking an LLM; If you are changing a profession or job, for example. Postgraduate law is a good way to obtain the proper skills and concentration that will help you move in the direction you want to focus on.

The growing complexity of the legal world creates more demand for focused training. and the need to stand out in your area.

Benefits of an LLM

There are numerous reasons to choose LLM for a successful career. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Focus in an area

 Choosing to earn your LLM offers you the possibility to take a one-year path targeted at a specific area of law. This will assist you to establish yourself as an expert in your selected field, in addition to bringing new career and and job options. While an LLM does not give you a training contract the qualifications can assist you to concentrate on your chosen field of specialization. Many lawyers specialize in specific areas of law, such as criminal litigation, corporate law or maritime law. These highly specialized fields necessitate specialized instruction, which undergraduate courses usually fail to give. Choosing the proper course could assist you to pursue your interest even further, move into a brand-new region of expertise and differentiate yourself from other candidates. Its an added bonus on job applications.

  • Grow your legal knowledge

The present-day legal landscape is increasingly evolving, this means that nowadays there are more demands placed on attorneys than ever before. Studying an LLM puts you at the leading edge of contemporary-day law developments – so that you can discuss recent legal developments with confidence

  • Improve Research Skills

 Going again to high school means you’ll be carrying out hours of legal research – an important talent that legal professionals in practice need to revisit on an ongoing basis. You’ll have substantial preparation in analyzing the law, drafting legal documents, and providing your findings.

  • Attract more employers

 You’ll gather new views on legal concepts and specialist understanding that may appeal to leading law companies all through the world. Plus, achieving your LLM is a tremendous manner to top up your CV with a present-day qualification that keeps you well-informed concerning the evolving legal market.

  • Gain global recognition

 The Master of Laws degree is acknowledged around the world, so you can be assured of having earned a qualification so that it will take you places, irrespective of wherein you choose to study. Moreover accomplishing your LLM online in Conflict Resolution or Intellectual Property will increase your competitive standing, as those regulation regions are pretty trendy in the present-day employment environment.

  • Growing demands

Online law study programs are seeing an increasing number of enrollments, especially from global students. Non-JD enrollment rose 25% from 2016-2017, at the same time as non-JD online enrollment rose 53% in the equal period.

With an LLM degree, global college students can enhance their understanding of the legal system and gain qualifications for international legal practice.

  • Extend your network

Studying for your LLM means you’ll be meeting with like-minded people and experts in your field. Networking with fellow students, tutors, and industry experts in and out of your area of specialization can open many doorways to rewarding employment opportunities.

While networking opportunities should not be your main purpose, they should be considered when weighing the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing an LLM.

  • Improve Career prospects

Those who want to teach law face a challenge in competition. This will help you stand out.F

  • Earning Potential

Having an LLM from a prestigious college may be able to assist you to raise your earning potential, in addition to the chance of getting snapped up by a bigger regulation corporation several years down the line.

  • Teaching

An LLM is also very useful in case you decide to start teaching law. Given that most are research-based and intensive courses, they can open doorways to studying PhDs and, subsequently, lecturing in the law.

Legal-Ease International can help you write your essays, find the school for you and make the process seamless. We do to all. If you need help applying contact us at

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From Law to Business






Goodbye Law, and Hello To A New Business

Lawyers typically join the field of practice because it is a safe job, and they are highly paid without taking huge risks. After a lifetime of studying and working hard for various companies these high-achieving attorneys, (hardly naturals for entrepreneurship), find themselves financially and otherwise suffocated and overworked. As the law model in which the nation’s biggest law firms convert the best law students into billable-hour-crazed associates and, occasionally, partners grow to accommodate global organizations, businesses below the $100 million revenue mark that can’t or don’t want to pay high Law firm fees are being squeezed. This creates a chance for partners, fed up with this model to branch out to establish something of their own. Often times they have a passion for something else and find themselves buried in the law. This paradigm gives them an " out".

         Another reason partners desire to move on and start their own business is because Huge Law generates big dollars up to $1.3 million per year for a sixth-year associate who bills $650 an hour at one firm that must stay unnamed due to the inexperience of young attorneys.“ It’s could be hard for non-lawyers to fathom, but, in many situations, the Big Law job does not even offer associates with any real abilities and it’s impossible for partners to charge their client's expensive fees for less than exceptional work. Working on a huge case may be a lot like putting together a 10,000-piece puzzle.

Business disagreements sometimes lead partners to venture out on their own. As firms develop so hugely disagreements become uncontrollable and partners reject business because it could upset a high-revenue-generating customer.

Any one who has ever watched an episode of " Better call Saul" can see this play out in the series.

          Every practicing lawyer knows at least one talented, hard-working, former law firm colleague. Maybe they quit and started their own company, or maybe they wanted to spend more time with family.

Time Factor

         More than any other reason, attorneys leave their companies to start their own business because of the amount of time they are putting in.. The stress of attempting to ‘balance’ their job and other interests, can become too difficult.” Several lawyers lawyers do not always like being on call 24/7. Any work that requires so many hours is difficult to make a life long commitment to. In order to fulfill life goals and not just billable hours, many choose to start their own businesses and live out a different passion. On their own schedule.


Three Important Tips for Starting a Business after Law.

1) Always Learn new skills.

         Starting a new company is like learning something new, so learn all you can about business, and about your new industry. If you intend on establishing a company or working in a management role, you need to enlighten yourself as much as possible about leadership and management, particularly since it demands new skill sets that you may not have obtained through practicing law.

          Learning all you can about your sector and constantly staying up to date. I know a lawyer that chose to get into the Wine Business. He spent all his time studying Wine, and then made the leap from law and never looked back! Who would, in beautiful Napa Valley!

 2) Work Hard and be Dedicated

         This sounds like an obvious one, but it doesn’t hurt to keep this in mind. Many attorneys are not used to the challenge of beginning anything new. Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and get things done yourself, no staff.

 3) There is No “Right Time”

There will never be a " right time" to start your business. When one feels the urge to leave and create something on their own, one needs to act when they can.

                The basic guideline does not abandon your work with no concept of what to do next. Be open to possibilities, and investigate what you want to accomplish or what business you’re interested in. Once you have a clear understanding of it, you can determine when your best “right time” to stop is.

 The Story Of A Lawyer Who Became An Entrepreneur

Others of course.

         Lawyers are not locked in their jobs and in fact, many frequently find tremendous success as entrepreneurs utilizing their abilities and talents to build their own firms.

        One Of The Reasons That Made You Move From Law To Entrepreneurship?

         From time to time, it is good to pause for a minute in life to attempt to analyze if the course you are following today is still the correct one for you and to make changes in life if required. Starting a company may be a big life transition for a person, which might take some time to achieve. Becoming an entrepreneur depends as much on willpower of the person as does a proper business environment that generates chances for entrepreneurship. The reason I became an entrepreneur was that I wanted to be the master of my time - to decide and take responsibility for myself and accomplish what I am passionate about. I also so a huge need and I felt impelled to fill it.

  I thought that this was a wonderful venue and a chance to apply my professional talents and put them into use in the area of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, I feel it necessary that individuals, who are beginning a company, have the enthusiasm and bravery to take chances and accept diverse experiences. In my case I saw a need, and was determined to be the one to fill it.

I didnt chose IT, rather the " idea" chose me.

         Entrepreneurial, solution-oriented, and inventive thinking is also vitally crucial. Above all, one must have the confidence and tenacity to believe in establishing objectives and accomplishing them.

What Are Some Of The Challenges You Have Had To Overcome When Becoming An Entrepreneur?

         In business, I have conquered how to negotiate successfully in tough circumstances and confront my concerns, and so I have come to the knowledge that difficulty does not imply that it is necessarily impossible. I feel that entrepreneurship is designed to be full of problems because they indicate how much enthusiasm we have in our business, how much willpower we have, and whether we can overcome these very insurmountable challenges in the first place. Challenges are obviously significant variables that encourage development for enterprises, which also disguise potential. I feel that if entrepreneurship was straightforward and without hurdles, then everyone could do it and the idea of success would become unimportant.

Why Choose Entrepreneurship Over Law

         The path to business is frequently a dangerous one fraught with unanticipated twists, rejections and dead ends. There are thousands of restless nights, ideas that don’t work out, finance that doesn’t come through, and customers that never materialize. It may be so tough to begin a company that it may make you question why anybody deliberately sets out on such a path.

What Entrepreneurs Do

         An entrepreneur recognizes a need and fills it. We try to fill a need that was not met before. It can be a unique industry, service or product. Its a reflection of us. Our ideas, thoughts and services. That can bring great satisfaction that the Law does not.

Why Become an Entrepreneur?

         What compels entrepreneurs to move ahead when so many others would flee in the other direction? Though each person’s motivation is varied and unique, many entrepreneurs are motivated by one or more of the following motivators:


         Entrepreneurs are individuals who want to be their own bosses, establish their own objectives, manage their own advancement and operate their enterprises as they see fit. They realize that their businesses’ success or failure lies with them, but they don’t consider this duty as a burden. Instead, it’s a symbol of their independence.

A Life Reason

         Many entrepreneurs have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and will work relentlessly to make it happen. They sincerely feel they have a product or service that fills a vacuum and are pushed by a single-minded resolve to keep pushing forward. They abhor stagnation and would rather fail while going ahead than wallow in idleness or be bored.


         Not everyone fits within the rigidity of conventional business culture. Entrepreneurs are frequently striving to liberate themselves from these restraints, achieve a better work-life balance, or work at times and in ways that may be unorthodox. This doesn’t mean they’re working less hours – typically, particularly in the early phases of building a company, they work longer and harder – but, rather, they are working in a manner that is intuitive for them.

Financial success

         Most entrepreneurs recognize they aren’t going to be instant millionaires.

Ummmm.... I can certainly vouch for that! That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in the possibility to generate a ton of money from a massively successful firm over which they have complete control. Some seek to construct a financial safety net for themselves and their family, while others are trying to earn a tremendous profit by producing the next big thing.


         Entrepreneurs are frequently inspired by a desire to build something that outlasts them. Others seek to establish a brand that has durability and becomes an institution. Some desire to pass on a source of income and security to their heirs. There are other entrepreneurs that aspire to create a lasting effect on the world and leave behind an invention that improves people’s lives in some real manner. If we can make a difference, help others, then we have left the World better than we found it.

That is what inspired me, and I am sure many others out there!